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How To List Your Business on Google

by Project 57 | July 11, 2020

So the question is; How can you list your business on Google and get your own snazzy business listing?  It’s extremely important to create a profile on Google Business for business SEO reasons.

It’s actually super easy — once you understand how to get started.  Continue reading for directions on how to set up a Google Knowledge Graph.  Navigate to Optimizing Your Knowledge Graph if you already have one.

List Your Business on Google

Google Knowledge Graph for Beginners

The helpful information box above is what Google calls a “Knowledge Graph.”  It’s an online business card that’s generated from information provided on the Google Business Platform.  And the Google Business Platform is how you list your business on Google.

The Google Business Platform is an online portal where business owners go to update all their business information displayed in google search results.  Google My Business gives you tools to showcase your company’s information, create ads, interact with customers and gain helpful insights about your business.  It’s a must have if you’re looking to grow your business and it’s free. 

How to List Your Business on Google Step by Step

Google makes it super easy and they guide you through the entire process.  To start your Google business profile navigate to www.googe.com/business and start creating your account.  

1.  Click “Sign In” at the top right.  A google account is required.

2.  It will ask you to locate your business by name and address. If you can’t find it, simply click the option that says you don’t see a match and type in your business name.

* If you see someone else claimed your business and you can verify you own it, please reference the article below, “How to Claim a Business Listing”.

3.  Questions;  you’ll be prompted with a few questions to categorize your industry.  Put what best matches your business.  You can always update, delete or add to your profile once you make it to the dashboard.

4.  The next step is to verify your business.  This step is important because it’s required to post images, interact with customers and much much more. Once you provide your address and opt-in to verify. Google will send you a piece of snail-mail with a secret code.  Once you receive the code, navigate to your dashboard and verify your account.  You’ll see everything that was previously restricted open up.    

5.  The dashboard.  You’ll have the option to take a tour, which is highly recommended.  Here you’ll be able to add, update or delete various information.  Please take the time to properly fill it out as having a professional appearance for any business is a must.  Remember your website and google business card is your customers first impression.  It has the ability to sell your product or service to customers.

How to Claim Your Already Claimed Business Profile

This section is for business owners who found their business listed in step 2 above.  Simply click on your business and it will inform you that someone else created the listing.  There is no need to panic.

Sometimes friendly faces will help Google by populating business information, and you’ll just need to say “hey, this is mine and I own it!.”  Other times, it might have been something your company made a long time ago and it was put on the wayside.

Either way, Google makes it extremely easy to contact the listing owner via email.  They (Google) auto generates an email asking the person responsible to pass over ownership or for admin rights.  If an unfamiliar email owns the listing and isn’t responding to your requests. Google normally gives the listing owner 7 days to reply.  If they fail to respond, Google override their ownership and you gain access.

Give Your Business Profile Time to Update

Changes on Google don’t happen over night…  You’ll see your edits on your dashboard instantly, but it may take a few days for your Knowledge Graph to start showing up on the search results. Google Edits are reviewed for quality purposes, and while some edits happen immediately, others may take some time to populate.  

If your Google Graph still doesn’t show up when you search your business. Navigate to Optimizing Your Knowledge Graph for tips.